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Photo courtesy of Edmund Garman on Flickr By Rob Swystun Fans of SEO and terrible puns will know that the internet has been all aflutter about Google’s release of Hummingbird a couple of months ago. [Pause for groans to die down.] I’d go over the main points about what Hummingbird has done for Google searches, but […]


Photo courtesy of A-dit-ya on Flickr By Manish Dudharejia Creating experiences that are all about the customer/user and which are designed based on a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements, interests and preferences, is a critical business activity. It is the one activity that guarantees success and improves bottom line. In a world where […]


Photo courtesy of Dave Dugdale on Flickr By Manish Dudharejia The holidays are here and it’s time to get the most out of your internet marketing to maximize that jolly feeling you get from raking in profits. It’s important to remember that all your competitors are trying to get the best out of their marketing […]

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