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Photo courtesy of Steve Slater on Flickr By Rob Swystun May 1 is a special day for us and for rhinos everywhere. It’s the official Save the Rhino Day 2014. Once a far-ranging animal, the rhinoceros’ numbers have dwindled and it is now endangered and it’s up to us to help save it. You can […]

Photo courtesy of Liz West on Flickr By Rob Swystun I was inspired to write this post after getting burned recently by a blogger (who shall remain unnamed) who runs a mommy blog in western New York. Using a guest blog posting service, I offered her a St. Patrick’s Day recipe blog post written by […]

Photo courtesy of Rosaura Ochoa on Flickr By Rob Swystun You want people to be talking about your brand on social media, obviously. And one way you can get people to share your stuff is by tapping into that most human of all traits: ego. Everyone loves to see their name mentioned and will reflexively […]

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