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Happy Thanksgiving from the RhinoForce family to you and yours. Be safe, be happy and have a wonderful holiday. Don’t forget to be thankful for all the good people you have in your life. We’re thankful that Dave on Flickr uploaded this great photo of a vintage Thanksgiving postcard. Thanks, Dave.


[Photo courtesy of Kristian Dela Cour on Flickr] There are no more excuses for using the shotgun approach to marketing. Simply shooting ads in the general direction of people and hoping you hit some of those people … hmm. Maybe shooting isn’t the best metaphor for marketing. The point is, now that you can, you […]


Photo courtesy of Roger Norton on Flickr With Twitter releasing its six-second Vine video platform and now supporting GIFs in tweets, it’s clear that our attention spans are continuing to shrink and as a marketer you need to catch that coveted attention however you can. Fortunately, you can still get a pretty effective message across […]

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