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By Rob Swystun

Recently, DJ Waldow of Marketo Blog released a video chock full of advice for companies about lead generation, featuring these rock stars of marketing:

I’ve gone ahead and watched the video for you, extracted the advice and put it in this helpful and barely readable blog entry. You’re welcome.

Nick advises us that questions are currency. And what he means by that is we should answer any and all questions that our audience has. If you can answer your audience’s questions, you’ll get leads from some appreciative people.

Jason’s advice is to make whatever the payoff is to your lead generation activities so simple to do that the audience will be compelled to follow through with it.

Although on the vague side, Bryan explains that lead generation is a constant cycle of connecting with prospects and working those prospects through the sales cycles as you close deals and do it all over again. And the best way to close deals? By keeping your sales pipeline well stocked with new opportunities.

Someone had to mention relationship building, and that’s Steve. For him, personally, he’s been running his marketing group in Boston for nine years, building valuable relationships along the way.

And, straight from page 5 of the Marketing 101 textbook, Lee gives us the classic of tell stories to your prospects. Facts are great and all, but they’re almost always boring. A good tale on the other hand? Now you’ve got people engaged. And, better yet, engaged people will go out of their way to share your stories, creating word-of-mouth buzz.

And, lastly, Chris uses animation to give some practical advise. And that is to include a popup with your online content that pops up when people are done reading it, asking if they’d like to see more. It’s apparently worked wonders for him.

If there’s one thing that you can take away from this video, it’s that the basics of marketing are the most important aspect. Relationship building, story telling, question answering, keeping things simple and keeping an eye open for new opportunities are all things that you’ll learn in an intro to marketing class. But there’s a reason that some of the best marketing minds of our time still give these pieces of advice. It’s because they work.

You don’t need to stick to the basics, but make sure you’ve got them down and then do your innovating. See what you can come up with. People might be asking you what advice you’ve got to give in a few years.

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