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By Serhat Pala

You’re not here to read a long introduction or marvel at my wordsmithing, so let’s get to the marketing tips.

(1) Include offers in your employees’ email signatures.

Email signatures are something that you’re going to be attaching to all your regular communications anyway, so why not put an offer in there? Jazz it up with something eye catching to make sure people look at it and you’ve got yourself a passive sales tool that you only have to configure a single time. You don’t need to put an offer in every email signature, but employees who deal with customers on a regular basis would be good.

One of our wholesale business clients implemented this and within the first two months they got a sale from a referral, and three other sales from unrelated support questions that came to their customer service reps for products of a competing brand, all because people glanced at their email signatures and saw they were offering something.

(2) Rent truck advertising.

You can rent trucks and cover the sides with your ads for a month for about the same price as running them in a newspaper for a single edition. Not only do you get the truck ad for much longer, but it’s mobile. Parking a truck covered with your ad in a strategic location can bring you business. You just have to pick the right spot, make sure the phone number is big and that there is a call to action (not just the number, but a reason to call like getting 25% off for mentioning the truck ad or something like that).

Just a few business ideas that can benefit from this:

  • Furniture, Rug or Interior Design Stores with truck ads parked along high traffic streets in neighborhoods that have new homes or new developments, or near malls where they have large home improvement stores.
  • Dog Grooming, Pet Boarding, Veterinarians or Pet Insurance businesses with truck ads parked near strip mall entries where there are big pet supply stores.
  • Home Renovation, Roofing or other building related business parked in old neighborhoods that have many higher value homes that could benefit from these services, or near malls where they have large home improvement stores.

(3) Send hand written thank you cards to your clients.

You don’t have to wait for a holiday to say thank you. How about the anniversary of the time you began working together? Tell them you’ve enjoyed working with them and let them know what you’ve learned from them personally. (If you haven’t enjoyed working together or haven’t learned anything, just make it up.) A simple thank you is always good.

Simple ideas with a relatively low budget can net you new customers, as well as some of that coveted brand loyalty. It just takes a little effort and imagination.

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