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By Serhat Pala

In the Previous three emails, we tried to give you tips that were almost free to implement (or if not free to do, at least did not require spending large advertising dollars). But today, we would like to talk about a form of advertising that might be paid, but is still great value, especially if you have a short video about your business that you can use.

Here is how it goes:

Step 1 – Have a Short Video About Your Business.

This one is not a commercial.

It does not say:

  • your business is great;
  • you, yourself are great;
  • you are the best deal around; or
  • all your customers are so happy they cannot stop talking about you.

Let me repeat; this video does not focus on those. Instead, it creates value for the viewer. For example, if you are a real estate agent, your video talks about the neighborhood selection, a few important tips when deciding on how to chose your next home (don’t see too many places, don’t look at the pictures of the people when visiting a home, keep an eye on the little tricks that might make a home look nicer that it is). If you are a financial advisor, it will contain just a few facts, some terminology, or maybe dos and don’ts. If you are a plumber, talk about the importance of cleaning your Water Heater by flushing it every few years. Show how dirty it gets, etc…

The point is, the video should give the viewer a reason to watch it. They should gain some kind of knowledge from watching the video.

Here is a good example:

Lastly, keep the video short. Around the two minute mark is good.

Step 2 – Create a video campaign.

The key here is to make it targeted. Very targeted.

The old days of showing your ads on the local evening news with the hope of getting business have not yet disappeared. But there is a much better way. Now, Google and other publishing networks will help you to target your content with surgical precision.

You can target and show your video ads to people:

  • in a specific zip code,
  • within a certain age group and gender,
  • who like to read about specific subjects (home improvement, fashion etc.)
  • or who are watching a video about “how to plan good parties,”
  • or on a particular publisher’s website where you know their visitors will be quality leads for you.

Again, you can go very local. If you are a dentist, you can target many different topics for an age group that might have kids across many interest groups but within two miles of your office. As a Pet Grooming store, you can target a two-mile radius of anyone reading/watching anything to do with dog training. If you are a real estate agent, instead of dominating the bus stop benches, you can dominate all the cooking videos within the zip codes you operate. How great is that?

Step 3 – Have a good landing page.

When people watch the video, most likely about 30-40% will end up watching until the end of the video (if your video is good enough), where you can put a link to your website. Bring them to a place where there is call to action (free dental x-ray, $29 water heater spring cleaning, etc.)

Step 4 – Answer emails and phone calls.

We can also add an unofficial Step 5, which is to attach a retargeting campaign to this campaign, meaning when people come to your website after they watch your video, you can track them with retargeting tools so if they don’t send an email or click to call you (don’t forget now almost 1/3 of all the videos watched online are watched on mobile phones on the go), you can continue to show them your ads around the web. Once you qualify them by targeting them smartly with these targeting methods, then retargeting will just make sure that they are not forgotten.

This can sound complicated, but it can really work. Our experience shows that you might be able to get traffic that is almost as qualified as pay-per-click advertising at about a quarter of the cost (maybe even less). So this is a very good value tip.

The most critical point (or one of the most critical) is the type of video. Again, no commercials, but more like an evening news cast interviewing you. Or use your imagination to come up with something informative and original.

Okay … action!

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  1. I’m interested in some of the things in this email. I’ve been trying to get a good SEO person to help me along, but without very good results. I have a short video as you describe however I don’t own it. I’m paying the company who did it $29 a month to have it on my site. It was originally part of a one year contract with Yelp to ad my business and was included in the deal, but Yelp turned out to be useless to me, and a waist of money. I’m still paying for the video because I like it and I like my site all together. But if your company can reach out to me with some tips it advice in how to proceed, I would appreciate it. The guy I’m working with now, over 6 months has not done much from what I can tell, at least I have not had any calls/ leads from online.
    Thank you. John-

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