April 30, 2014

Help save the rhinos!

Photo courtesy of Steve Slater on Flickr

By Rob Swystun

May 1 is a special day for us and for rhinos everywhere.

It’s the official Save the Rhino Day 2014.

Once a far-ranging animal, the rhinoceros’ numbers have dwindled and it is now endangered and it’s up to us to help save it.

You can read about this magnificent animal here.

If helping to save one of the largest land mammals left in existence doesn’t motivate you, remember that it’s also helped inspire one of the coolest Spider-Man villains and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle villains.

You know why these relatively peaceful animals inspire villains? It’s because they’re totally badass. Look at ’em. They’ve got horns growing out of their faces. What could be more badass than that? And when you make them angry? Well …

Help save these majestic animals by donating to:

Every little bit helps.

Right now, it’s your watch on the world. Don’t let the magnificent rhino go extinct on your watch!

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  1. ahah the last video literally cracked me up! why in the world would you mess with a Rhino? Totally insane footage


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