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There are no more excuses for using the shotgun approach to marketing. Simply shooting ads in the general direction of people and hoping you hit some of those people … hmm. Maybe shooting isn’t the best metaphor for marketing.

The point is, now that you can, you should be targeting your ads at the people who are most likely to act on them. A couple of weeks ago, we looked at creating a geo fence around your business. Geo fences are great for targeting tech savvy people who are used to getting ads sent to them on their phones.

But, there are other people out there that you can geo target (even without using the internet). So, this week we’re gonna talk about the triple whammy of geotargeting: geo fencing, targeted online ads and direct mailing. Used together, this trifecta of geotargeting is sure to hit everyone worth hitting in your area of business. This works best for small businesses that have a physical location.

Geo Fencing

I won’t reiterate everything that I said about geo fencing. You can read all about it here. But, it’s easy to set up and it catches those tech savvy people who are using their phones to the fullest of their capabilities.

Geo Targeted Online Ads

You can target your banner and text ads to show up to people only in specific geographic areas. Furthermore, you can target them at people within a specific age range and with specific interests. (All-seeing, all-knowing Google knows who they are, so you don’t have to worry about that.)

If you feel like getting really creative, you can make a video and geotarget that, which we’ve covered before here.

Direct Mail

And then there’s this. Some of you will liken this to stone age marketing, but if you have a physical location, direct mail is still a viable means to reach people in specific neighborhoods. One company that specializes in this is Money Mailer. They will mail your ad out to neighborhoods of your choosing and make sure that it gets put into at least 10,000 mailboxes in your specified area. That means local people will be getting your deals and are more likely to come in.

Speaking of deals, if you’re in the San Diego area, RhinoForce and Money Mailer have a fantastic deal that will give you two out of the three geotargeting trifecta.

Current Money Mailer San Diego customers, for an extra $100 per mailing area per month, can get a geotargeted online ad campaign that will guarantee your ad to get 20,000 impressions per area per month. That’s thousands of people in your local area seeing and being influenced by your ads.

And, for a limited time, the online geotargeting offer is open to non-Money Mailer customers, as well.

Click here for full details.

Hone in on your audience and catch those tech savvy people, the tech savvy-ish people and the people who like getting deals the old fashioned way with the triple whammy of geo fencing, geotargeted online ads and direct mail.

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