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RhinoForce and Live Fit Films have joined forces to bring you the most powerful brand journalism platform available to create and distribute a professional-looking, informational video about your company.

With a RhinoForce/Live Fit Films targeted video marketing campaign, you can:

  • Have your videos shown in a specific geographical area
  • Have them shown to people with specific interests
  • Have them shown to people in a specific age range
  • Teach your viewers something, meaning they associate your video with learning rather than advertising
  • Sell to your viewers without really selling, and build trust with them even before they call you or walk into your store

The Videos

The videos are made by Live Fit Films and are presented as brand journalism. Live Fit Films’ Phoebe Chongchua has 20 years of experience as a TV newscaster and gives your video an air of authority and objectivity. That’s something you don’t get from a commercial.

Check it out:

The Distribution

The most important word to focus on is “targeted.” RhinoForce gets your video in front of eyes that want to see it.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Google tracks users across the internet, making profiles for everyone based on the searches they do and the websites they visit. This info gives Google an accurate depiction of users’ interests and needs.

Using this information, Google can put ads in front of people that correlate with what they’ve been searching for and reading about recently, meaning your videos get shown only to people who want to see them and people who are most likely to act.

To learn more about RhinoForce’s Targeted Video Advertising Program, click here.


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