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By Rob Swystun

Hello and welcome to the brand new RhinoForce blog.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate, I’ve been tasked with getting this blog up and running. This is probably where I’m supposed to tell you that the RhinoForce team has X decades of experience between us and how we’re professional and a bunch of other corporate sounding stuff to impress you.

But I think I’m going to eschew that and tell you what you can expect from this blog and hopefully you’ll find something in it that is useful to you.

Together, the RhinoForce team will be sharing our experiences and our collective insight into the wonderful world of internet marketing. We will also be covering industry events, posting the ever-popular tips and tricks and connecting with people that we all can learn from.

I’ll be posting most of the time, but our other RhinoForce team members have promised to pitch in, too.

We hope you like what you see here on the RhinoForce blog and follow along with us as we explore the world of internet marketing. And you may just learn something, too. After all, the RhinoForce team has X decades of experience between us to draw from.

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