Book Promotion and Author Marketing Program

As an author, you know that writing your book is only the first step in your journey to success. Even after your book is published, you still need to promote it. Effective promotion of your book will garner you not only book sales, but speaking engagements. It will also help your book get featured on blogs and get that important word of mouth advertising.

Read this if you are an author of any of these types of books:

  • Self-Improvement
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sales or Other Business Practice books
  • How to or Informational books with a technical subject
  • Books about a particular hobby
  • Books about travel
  • If you are an author of any of these types of books, the question is how do you get your book into readers’ hands? And the answer is online engagement. It’s not enough to give people something to read. You must give them a content piece they can interact with that includes a call to action.

    This is where RhinoForce’s Book Promotion and Author Marketing Program comes into play. With our program, you can draw people to your site and increase sales of your books and your guest speaker bookings dramatically.

    A Case Study for the Book Promotion and Author Marketing Program for a Self-Improvement Book

    One of our clients, a self-improvement writer, used our program to promote his work and the results were outstanding.

    People who are interested in reading self-improvement literature have to see that they are at a point in their life where they can benefit from this type of guidance. For this client, we designed a quiz for potential readers to take so they could ascertain whether they are in need of such a book.

    The quiz gave people eight statements about their life and then asked them to give a ranking as an answer.

    For example, the first statement is: “I know with certainty what I want in life.”

    People were then asked to give a ranking from 1 to 10 with 1 representing Complete Uncertainty and 10 representing Complete Certainty.

    After giving their answers, they were then asked to provide their email address to receive the results.

    The Program Results

    In the first three days of the program, our client received 1,000 visitors to his quiz, resulting in 85 people subscribing to his newsletter. These initial 1,000 visitors cost him only $250. Out of 1,000 visitors, he was able to get 8.5% to fill out the quiz. That is 85 subscribers for only $250, which is less than $3 per new subscriber. He got 25 new visitors on his book page, of which 5 people purchased his book and he received two new guest speaking invitations.

    And these subscribers are now leads for our client, that he can continue to email and engage with in the future over Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and who will continue to promote him through word of mouth.

    Our client also provides Executive Coaching services, and sent out free 15-minute session invites to a selected number of sign ups. Out of the free session invitations he sent out, he was able to also get executive coach clients.

    Why this will work for you:

    • Completely Unique to Your Needs: We will meet with you to decide the best type content to engage people. It may be a quiz like our example client, or it may be some other type of content.
    • Smooth Process: It’s designed to generate leads, turn those leads into prospects and turn those prospects into customers.
    • Targeted: It will only go to people who want to see it: people that are reading material about the subject matter related to your offer and services.
    • Low Cost Per Acquisition: Because it targets informational page advertising while ensuring top quality prospects, you end up with a stellar return on your investment
    • Growing Value: It’s designed to increase subscribers, so even if you cannot convert them, you can still communicate and nurture leads. You can still invite them to your YouTube video channel, your LinkedIn and other social media accounts, your speaking engagements or special book sale offers.