Client Lead Generator Program for Life Coaches

If you are in the business of helping people to improve their lives, you need those people to find you, first.

Read this if:

  • You are passionate about helping people better their lives
  • You are capable of helping people improve their lives
  • You are a Self-Improvement Writer looking to get your advice out there
  • You are a Motivational Speaker looking for speaking engagements
  • You are a Coach searching for people who want to get unstuck in their career

The Motivational Speaking, Self-Help Book Publishing and Coaching industries are growing rapidly, as many people find it helpful to have guidance and leadership in their life to assist them in reaching their goals and fulfilling their maximum potential.

If you are a coach, a motivational writer or speaker or an author, the question is how do you help these people find you. And the answer is online engagement with RhinoForce’s Client Lead Generator Program for Life Coaches. It’s not enough to give people something to read. You must give them a content piece they can interact with that includes a call to action. Then you have to deliver that content in a way to attract the audience that is most qualified to benefit from what you have to offer.

We’ve designed and executed just such a piece of content for one of our life coach clients and we can do the same for you.


Read how we helped one professional …

Our client started his practice as a life coach in a small town. Although he was capable of helping people and had a passion for what he did, he had trouble promoting his services to people who needed them. He had authored a book that nobody was buying and offered services that nobody was using because he didn’t know how to build an audience and find potential customers.

He didn’t know where to start to generate leads for his service and that’s when he came to us.

Together, we designed content for his website that caught people’s attention and that they could interact with. In just the first three days, the landing page we created for him attracted 1,000 visitors out of which 88 turned into lucrative leads. And the campaign is still continuing today and bringing him fresh leads every day.

How did we do it?

For this particular client, we designed a comprehensive program to help him generate leads.We took his message and turned it into a simple content piece that would attract visitors looking for help. We then advertised that content piece across the web on blogs, online newspaper articles, and informational sites.Once we had visitors coming to read the content, the centerpiece to the program was a quiz for potential customers to take so they could ascertain whether they were in need of a life coach at that point in their lives. The quiz gave people eight statements about their life and then asked them to give a ranking as an answer.For example, the first statement is: “I know with certainty what I want in life.”People were then asked to give a ranking from 1 to 10 with 1 representing Complete Uncertainty and 10 representing Complete Certainty.After giving their answers, they were then asked to provide their email address to receive the results. People who provided their email addresses were then sent automated messages giving them their quiz results and offering them a free 15-minute coaching session.

The Results

As mentioned previously, within the first three days, our client received 1,000 visitors to his quiz, resulting in 88 people signing up to receive their answers.That means he was able to get 8.8% of the visitors to his site to fill out the quiz and share their contact information with him. That is 88 subscribers for roughly $3 per new subscriber. Those are subscribers that he can continue to email and engage with in the future.Out of those 88 people, 25 visited his book page and five people purchased his book. He scheduled three free coaching sessions and turned one of those sessions into a customer. All of this occurred over three days for a cost of $250. And the campaign is still going strong for him. 1That is a significant return on investment.

Why this will work for you:

  • Simple: Clients come to you instead of you hunting them down
  • Smooth: It’s designed to generate leads, turn those leads into prospects and turn those prospects into clients
  • Targeted: It will only go to people who want to see it. People that are reading material about the subject matter related to your offer and services.
  • Cost Effective: Because it targets informational page advertising while ensuring top quality prospects, you end up with a stellar return on your investment.
  • Valuable: It’s designed to increase subscribers, so even if you cannot convert them, you can still communicate and nurture leads. You can still invite them to your YouTube video channel, your LinkedIn and other social media accounts, your speaking engagements or special book sale offers.
  • Integrated: We can integrate a content piece into your current website so you don’t need to spend money on an entirely new site.
  • Far Reaching: Choose the countries you want to target. Choose the United States, or English speaking countries only or choose the languages you want to advertise in.

Can we help you?

Tell us your goals and what is working and not working for you. We will analyze your situation and provide you with an honest answer. We cannot promise to help everyone, but we will give you an honest answer.

1That was the cost of the advertising to bring visitors to the website. Costs will vary for each individual project.