[Photo courtesy of Agu on Flickr] Some of our clients go to conferences and expos and other events where it’s a good idea to live tweet from. And, recently, one of those clients asked exactly how this whole live tweeting thing is done. (Technically, he just asked how to tweet, but it was for the […]

Photo courtesy of ElCapitan You like food, right? Of course you do (and if you don’t, your taste buds will certainly have something to say on the matter). Food gives us the nutrients and energy we need. But, we need those elements in a balanced manner to make sure that we get the right amount […]

Photo courtesy of Peter Rukavina on Flickr Recently, CoSchedule had a look at the million plus headlines in its database to find out what type of headlines received the most shares. Here is what the company found works best for writing headlines: 1. Give your headlines a human element From those millions of headlines, CoSchedule […]

Photo courtesy of cozymax on Flickr Last time around, we looked at getting started with Google Analytics. This time, we’re going to get a bit more specific and look at two things that you should start using immediately if you aren’t already. Those are Goals and Custom Campaigns. Goals To get to Goals, click on […]

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[Photo courtesy of Yuko Honda on Flickr] Looking at your Google Analytics page can be daunting. Like any form of data, it can look like a calculator exploded, spewing numbers everywhere (that’s what happens when calculators explode, right?). But, once you get over the shock of all the numbers and the graphs and start digging […]

Photo courtesy of Sean MacEntee on Flickr Unless you think of your website as merely a brochure to share with your existing customers and prospects, you also expect it to bring in some sales opportunities. But, let’s face it, most of the time that does not happen. Most of the business owners we initially talk […]

Photo courtesy of Romel Sanchez on Flickr Managing a blog isn’t always easy. Fresh content doesn’t just pop out of the ground or fall out of the sky. It takes work. You have to constantly be looking for things to blog about or looking for fresh insights and fresh ways of presenting content to people. […]

Photo courtesy of Mark Kortum on Flickr RhinoForce and Live Fit Films have joined forces to bring you the most powerful brand journalism platform available to create and distribute a professional-looking, informational video about your company. With a RhinoForce/Live Fit Films targeted video marketing campaign, you can: Have your videos shown in a specific geographical […]

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