Case Studies

Our Internet marketing expertise has been proven over and over as we work with clients to improve their efforts and see positive, measurable results. Below* are just a few case studies:

Word of Mouth Optimization (WOMO)

BakersBodega, a Los Angeles-based baking supply warehouse store, had a minor online presence with an ignored website, a defunct blog, a moribund Facebook page and a taciturn Twitter account.
While the company did have a steady customer base who loved shopping in the store, it was not adept at bringing in new customers.
Together, the RhinoForce team and BakersBodega decided it was imperative to get people talking about the baking supply store. People needed a reason to say the name BakersBodega and tell others about it. Continue Reading

Website Design

We designed and built a new website for a medical device client. We included many resources, how-to guides and articles. Online traffic increased ten times in less than three months. The site began generating leads for new resellers—nationally and internationally. Within six months, they signed up more than 25 new resellers, and six of those were international resellers from South America, Europe and Australia.

Facebook Fan Page Development and Management

We built a fan page for an online retailer. We utilized blog content (which we also manage for them), organized contests, conducted donation drives for select non-profits…all designed to drive traffic and increase fans—which went from a few hundred to 17,000 within six months.For another online retail client, we created their fan page and grew the number to 20,000 fans in one year. Instead of just concentrating on sales-driven, “push” marketing messages, we developed and maintained good, useful content, did contests and giveaways, all designed to give the customer reasons to become fans of the page.

Smart Phone Game Development

An online retailer noticed an increase in those who used an iPhone to visit their website. We took their goal of wanting to increase sales and suggested an iPhone app—a free game that incorporated their store name, products, etc. The new game downloaded 300 times the first day and traffic to their website has seen a substantial increase.

Build News Blogs

We built a news/commentary blog that became the Number One source of news for the retailer’s niche industry. Within six months, the news blog traffic increased from zero to 40,000 visitors a month, has more than 100 posts per month and became a news source for Google News. In addition, the Twitter account we maintain for the same client—tweeting news and updates from the blog—increased to over 10,000 followers in four months. The site now brings partnership opportunities and advertising revenue for the client.One of our clients wanted to host a blog to support their product, but we suggested also incorporating issues related to the way their customers used the product. It proved successful in generating more free traffic and better coverage. Their website, without paid advertising, received more than 6,000 visitors within five months. (The cost of advertising to get that kind of traffic would have been very expensive!) Their Twitter account now has over 11,000 followers.

Online Election Campaign

We crafted and conducted an online election campaign strategic study for a national-level political campaign. Part of our strategic analysis focused on how to best use Facebook to build followers—building a successful fan page, using Facebook ads for maximum effect and what issues should be the focus on the fan page. We also offered suggestions for using the page for fundraising.

Database Utilization

A B2B (business to business) service provider had an extensive database they had developed primarily for their clients. While doing online marketing strategy analysis for them, we found the database and thought that could be a very valuable way to attract new clients. We built an online information/registration form, and everyone who used the form became a prospect for future sales.

Competitive (SEO) Analysis

We conducted an online competitive intelligence for a software developer in which we identified competition and analyzed web traffic of those competitors. By gathering the keywords that competitors used to bring customers to their website, then looking at the demographics of those customers, we were able to suggest ways the software company could improve their site to gain more traffic and customers. The project was so successful, the software company was able to identify and produce a new version of their product to market. We also did beta testing for them, looking at various price points for the software before it was released.

Affiliate Marketing

An online retailer wanted our help to build an affiliate marketing campaign. They had tried it twice before, using their own resources. They spend significant money, signed many affiliates, but were not realizing much return on their investment. We worked with them and focused on recruiting quality (over quantity) affiliates, and in six months, they were seeing more transactions from the newly recruited affiliates than all the previous ones they’d recruited in the past four years.

E-mail Subscriptions

One of our clients had a high level of web traffic, but not a high conversion rate. We worked with them to develop a campaign to get those visiting the site to sign up, capturing their contact information. We took them from low double digit to more than 1,000 a day in less than a year. We then worked with the client on an e-mail marketing campaign to target these potential customers—sending out a series of ten e-mail messages over a period of four months. If the prospect didn’t convert to a customer, they were dropped from the database.

Pay-per-Click Campaign

ppcA client came to us who was spending $20,000 a month on a pay-per-click online advertising campaign. We took over the program, and in less than three months, we were able to increase their sales conversions by 20 percent, while decreasing their costs by ten percent. For this same client, we provided a “shopping engine marketing service” that submitted and managed their advertising more effectively between ten different shopping engines. With this service, the client was able to look at one monthly report to see how much they’d spent, compared to how much they’d made.


“I was worried that all of these different things RhinoForce was doing for my company would end up jacking up the price to more than I could afford, but much to my delight, the price remained constant and all major decisions were discussed with me before being put into action. ”

“I wasn’t sure that I had room in my budget for an online marketing specialist but with RhinoForce, I could easily budget accordingly because the rate stayed constant and so did the high quality of work. ”

“When it came time to start marketing and promoting online, I was lost. I had no idea what I was doing and I was just floundering. Hiring RhinoForce was such a revelation. They had a plan and executed it perfectly and before I even knew it, my site was pulling in more traffic than it ever had. ”

“Online marketing isn’t for everyone and it certainly wasn’t for me. But RhinoForce know exactly what they’re doing. It’s like hiring an entire marketing department but for the price of one employee.”

“I hired an online marketing manager who assured me that he had all the skills necessary to do a good job. And while he was highly skilled in some areas, he was really lacking in others. With RhinoForce, I get an expert in every area of online marketing. ”

“While my marketing team could handle traditional marketing, online marketing was a whole other animal. RhinoForce came in and not only had great ideas for online marketing, they inspired my team and got the office buzzing again. The injection of energy and innovation was really fun and just what the office needed. ”

“After having two online marketing managers leave and having another one turn out to be incompetent, I was just sick of it. I decided to give RhinoForce a try because it’s all just done via contract so I wasn’t tied into anything long term. Am I glad I made that decision! It’s been smooth sailing ever since. ”

“Online marketing was another thing taking up my time when I was trying to get my business up and running. Who needs to be worrying about Facebook and Twitter and blogging when you have a business to run. I’m so glad I found RhinoForce, who came in and took over the operation of all the online stuff so I could get back to just making sure the business was running smoothly. ”

“I just wanted to try RhinoForce for a while to help out with my first major online promotion and they did such a good job that I’ve kept working with them. And it was no problem to scale back their services after the promotion was done.”

“Nobody has time to gain expert-level knowledge about online marketing. Fortunately, RhinoForce has that already. It’s just basically a plug-and-play service. You plug RhinoForce in by telling them your business goals and your resources and they just come up with a plan to suit your needs and budget. I wish everything about running a business was this easy.”

“We hired one of those ‘social media experts’ that keep popping up everywhere. After completely ruining our SEO standing with Google, we finally got rid of her and hired RhinoForce to help us. Within a few short months, we were completely turned around and back up the rankings for our key terms. You can’t just trust your online marketing to anyone. You have to be smart about it. Thank God we found RhinoForce. ”

Out of respect for our clients, we have not included actual client names in these studies. We do have a list of our clients on this site, and we encourage you to look at some of the wonderful companies we’ve partnered with, but we felt that giving specific client names with the projects we did for them would not be in the best interests of them or us.


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