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[Photo courtesy of XWL on Flickr] Spam filters can be tricky things. You do your best to avoid using words that will trip them and then your emails go on and trip them anyway. Words like “income,” “urgent,” “congratulations,” “discount” and “make money,” along with “manhood” and  “size” (for those pills that claim to decrease […]


[Photo courtesy of Michael Covel on Flickr] It’s that time of year again, time to look back on what worked and what didn’t work this past year and what will be big next year so you can get a head start on your marketing efforts. With that in mind, we offer you our own humble little […]


[Photo courtesy of Jimmy Hilario on Flickr] This is an easy one. You don’t need to learn anything new or have any expertise, you just need some free time … which you probably don’t have. But, anyway, it’s worth the effort to have your place registered with directories online to make it easier for people […]


[Photo courtesy of AntoineWentzler on Flickr] It’s no secret that consumers don’t place a lot of faith in the messages they get directly from brands. And why should they? Companies tout all the great things about their products and minimize any downsides to their products. Knowing full well that this happens, consumers tend to put […]


[Photo courtesy of Kristian Dela Cour on Flickr] There are no more excuses for using the shotgun approach to marketing. Simply shooting ads in the general direction of people and hoping you hit some of those people … hmm. Maybe shooting isn’t the best metaphor for marketing. The point is, now that you can, you […]


Photo courtesy of Roger Norton on Flickr With Twitter releasing its six-second Vine video platform and now supporting GIFs in tweets, it’s clear that our attention spans are continuing to shrink and as a marketer you need to catch that coveted attention however you can. Fortunately, you can still get a pretty effective message across […]


Photo courtesy of marc falardeau on Flickr If your business has a physical location, you can take advantage of geofencing to give your customers offers when they are most likely to take advantage of them. What is it? A geofence is a virtual perimeter that is set up around a geographical location using GPS coordinates. […]


[Photo courtesy of Agu on Flickr] Some of our clients go to conferences and expos and other events where it’s a good idea to live tweet from. And, recently, one of those clients asked exactly how this whole live tweeting thing is done. (Technically, he just asked how to tweet, but it was for the […]


Photo courtesy of ElCapitan You like food, right? Of course you do (and if you don’t, your taste buds will certainly have something to say on the matter). Food gives us the nutrients and energy we need. But, we need those elements in a balanced manner to make sure that we get the right amount […]


Photo courtesy of Peter Rukavina on Flickr Recently, CoSchedule had a look at the million plus headlines in its database to find out what type of headlines received the most shares. Here is what the company found works best for writing headlines: 1. Give your headlines a human element From those millions of headlines, CoSchedule […]

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