November 1, 2013

Pubcon 2013 presentations

By Rob Swystun

The internet marketing industry’s biggest event, Pubcon, blew through Las Vegas last week and there was approximately a ton of activity and presentations going on. Normally, for something like this, I would do a Twitter summary of the event. But trying to do that for Pubcon is akin to trying to scoop up a bucket of water in the middle of a tsunami.

Seeing as how many of the presenters love to post their presentation slides online, though, we can all take advantage of this by gathering them in one place. These are ones I could find from the #Pubcon feed on Twitter so you don’t have to go searching for them.

It’s not all the presentations, but it’s a pretty good mixed bag for anyone who couldn’t make it to Pubcon 2013.

In the meantime, mark your next year’s calendars for Pubcon 2014 in New Orleans March 17 – 20 at the New Orleans Convention Center.

Roger Dooley’s opening keynote speech for 2013 PubCon Masters Group in Las Vegas, Nevada. It shows how to take the traffic generated by SEO, SEM, and social media and convert it at a higher rate. The model is The Persuasion Slide, with an emphasis on non-conscious motivators.

Guide on developing a sustainable content strategy, goals of content marketing, types of content to use for different user profiles and ways to syndicate those content types.

From the “Reputation Management: Monitoring Your Brand Online ” session at Pubcon Las Vegas 2013. Discussion of enterprise-level reputation monitoring and social listening. Why it matters, considerations in tool selection, and what can be done with it.

Mike Ramsey’s 2013 Pubcon Las Vegas presentation about developing a strategy first in local before trying to dive straight into tactics.

Vince Blackham talks about how to utilize Pinterest for content strategy. Learn what kind of content does well, how to promote it, and what expectations you can have from some of your first campaigns. Also learn how to measure your site’s Pinterest activity and conversions for maximum effect.

Pubcon Vegas 2013 slide deck on how to perform forensic SEO audits on web sites regardless of the size of the site

Here is Matt Siltala’s presentation on Competitive Intelligence using Social Media at Pubcon Vegas 2013 – Learn everything there is to know about keeping an eye on the competition in regards to Social Media – Shared is an outline and tools of how to do this.

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