Social Media Marketing

Social media is all the buzz in marketing, communications and public relations. Blogs, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are as much a part of many people’s daily lives as checking e-mail or talking on the phone. (This probably includes your customers!) These social networks are excellent tools for engaging, involving and communicating with your customers. They can be used to attract and connect with new customers as well. That’s why nearly every business and service provider wants to be involved.

But social media can also be time consuming and intimidating, especially for those who want the benefits, but don’t have the time to learn the process, much less manage the constant content required to be successful. RhinoForce can be your social media expert to walk you through the process of developing a strategic social plan, setting up your account and show you how to effectively use these platforms effectively.

Social Media Management (Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

We can build blogs to support general social media campaigns

-Build your target audience by gaining followers and fan while we engage with them on multiple social outlets.
-Develop your Brand’s advocacy and help you become the leading source for news in their industry. (Check out some of the results on our Case Studies page)

Social Platform Marketing
Whether it’s blog posting, blog management, Facebook ads or managing a Facebook page, RhinoForce can offer plans and skills to utilize this new dimension of marketing to bring you strong, measurable results.

Social Media Public Relation (PR)
We can design and execute public relation activities, utilizing the most common and powerful social media platforms, such as blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. We identify and target influential accounts (e.g., bloggers) in your niche area—those opinion builders who have a high number of readers and followers—and contact and pitch them with your pertinent information.

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