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Image courtesy of Jose Moutinho on Flickr If you have a strong visual element to your business, Instagram is a great way to show off your products or services. The whole platform is photo-based, so obviously it’s meant for visuals, but it also incorporates hashtags for easy tagging and it’s all done through your phone, […]

Photo courtesy of Andreas Eldh on Flickr The Westchester Digital Summit took place May 15 and our Leah de Castro took to Twitter to get the scoop on what people were saying at the summit. Check out the quick Twitter summary below: [View the story “Westchester Digital Summit Twitter Summary” on Storify]

Photo courtesy of Christian Schnettelker on Flickr Even if you are situated on Main Street and not listed on Wall Street, your business needs a blog. I know, I know, you’ve heard this so many times. You need a blog. Heck, I still remember the first day I heard the words “Every business website will […]

Photo courtesy of Liz West on Flickr By Rob Swystun I was inspired to write this post after getting burned recently by a blogger (who shall remain unnamed) who runs a mommy blog in western New York. Using a guest blog posting service, I offered her a St. Patrick’s Day recipe blog post written by […]


Photo courtesy of A-dit-ya on Flickr By Manish Dudharejia Creating experiences that are all about the customer/user and which are designed based on a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements, interests and preferences, is a critical business activity. It is the one activity that guarantees success and improves bottom line. In a world where […]


Illustration courtesy of Pete Simon on Flickr By Rob Swystun While the concept of Twitter is relatively easy — tweet out links ad nauseum — there are a few tips to remember to ensure people see those links (and maybe even click on them) or retweet your stuff. Considering that Twitter usage increased by 40% […]


Photo courtesy of Kevin Krejci on Flickr By Rob Swystun Just like everything else, social media is subject to trends. Some sites pop up and are still going strong while others have fallen off the radar completely. (Anyone remember Digg? Yeah … I didn’t think so.) Companies have started to take note of what really works […]

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