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[Photo courtesy of XWL on Flickr] Spam filters can be tricky things. You do your best to avoid using words that will trip them and then your emails go on and trip them anyway. Words like “income,” “urgent,” “congratulations,” “discount” and “make money,” along with “manhood” and  “size” (for those pills that claim to decrease […]


[Photo courtesy of Michael Covel on Flickr] It’s that time of year again, time to look back on what worked and what didn’t work this past year and what will be big next year so you can get a head start on your marketing efforts. With that in mind, we offer you our own humble little […]


[Photo courtesy of Steve Hall on Flickr] [View the story “Highlights and Insights from ClickZ Live San Fran” on Storify


Photo courtesy of Romel Sanchez on Flickr Managing a blog isn’t always easy. Fresh content doesn’t just pop out of the ground or fall out of the sky. It takes work. You have to constantly be looking for things to blog about or looking for fresh insights and fresh ways of presenting content to people. […]

Photo courtesy of Dee on Flickr We all know why Yelp is important for businesses, especially brick-and-mortar shops, so I won’t get into the more than 100 million monthly unique visitors to the site on desktop and mobile and how using Yelp will help drive them to your business. And I won’t even mention Yelp […]

Image courtesy of Jose Moutinho on Flickr If you have a strong visual element to your business, Instagram is a great way to show off your products or services. The whole platform is photo-based, so obviously it’s meant for visuals, but it also incorporates hashtags for easy tagging and it’s all done through your phone, […]


Photo courtesy of Steven Depolo on Flickr We all have those moments where we say: “This is a great idea!” And everyone around you (except that one guy that says “No” to everything) says you are right. “This is it! This product will make it for us! I can’t believe no one has thought of […]

Photo courtesy of Andreas Eldh on Flickr The Westchester Digital Summit took place May 15 and our Leah de Castro took to Twitter to get the scoop on what people were saying at the summit. Check out the quick Twitter summary below: [View the story “Westchester Digital Summit Twitter Summary” on Storify]

Photo courtesy of Christian Schnettelker on Flickr Even if you are situated on Main Street and not listed on Wall Street, your business needs a blog. I know, I know, you’ve heard this so many times. You need a blog. Heck, I still remember the first day I heard the words “Every business website will […]

Photo courtesy of Alan Reeves on Flickr [View the story “Social Media Strategies Summit Highlights” on Storify]

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