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Photo courtesy of Liz West on Flickr By Rob Swystun I was inspired to write this post after getting burned recently by a blogger (who shall remain unnamed) who runs a mommy blog in western New York. Using a guest blog posting service, I offered her a St. Patrick’s Day recipe blog post written by […]


Photo courtesy of shrtstck | on Flickr By Serhat Pala In the Previous three emails, we tried to give you tips that were almost free to implement (or if not free to do, at least did not require spending large advertising dollars). But today, we would like to talk about a form of advertising […]

Photo courtesy of Louise McLaren on Flickr By Olga Stoyan and Serhat Pala Here are more common marketing mistakes people make. This week, we concentrate on email marketing specifically. 1. Relying on graphics rather than text. True, graphics look good, but images can sometimes be disabled by the recipient’s email service or they can take […]

Photo courtesy of Michelle Tribe on Flickr By Serhat Pala This week’s marketing tips are focused on doing altruistic deeds, and how those can also be good for business and marketing. Who says businesses have to self promote all the time. You will be surprised … Sponsor a Cause: Choose a cause for your business […]

Photo courtesy of Yogendra Joshi on Flickr By Serhat Pala This week’s marketing tips: 1-) Get help from your competitors to attract clients This works well with service, software or B2B businesses and it’s simple. Identify your top 3-4 competitors. Search their names 2 or 3 at a time. You will likely find a few […]

Photo courtesy of rchris7702 on Flickr By Serhat Pala As an astute colleague of mine is fond of saying, you can learn from bad experiences. From the projects that turned out to be failures, you can learn valuable lessons about what not to do. With that in mind, we take a look at the most common […]


Photo courtesy of Shawn Rossi on Flickr By Serhat Pala You’re not here to read a long introduction or marvel at my wordsmithing, so let’s get to the marketing tips. (1) Include offers in your employees’ email signatures. Email signatures are something that you’re going to be attaching to all your regular communications anyway, so […]


Photo courtesy of Rob Swystun on Flickr By Rob Swystun Recently, DJ Waldow of Marketo Blog released a video chock full of advice for companies about lead generation, featuring these rock stars of marketing: Nick Westergaard – Brand Driven Digital Jason Falls – CafePress Bryan Kramer – PureMatter Steve Garfield – Lee Odden – […]


Photo courtesy of Josef Stuefer on Flickr By Rob Swystun Writing seems like such a simple thing. We all (technically) know how to do it so there should be no problem writing content for your small business, right? And, if you write your own content, you can save a bit of money, too. So it […]

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