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[Photo courtesy of Kristian Dela Cour on Flickr] There are no more excuses for using the shotgun approach to marketing. Simply shooting ads in the general direction of people and hoping you hit some of those people … hmm. Maybe shooting isn’t the best metaphor for marketing. The point is, now that you can, you […]


Photo courtesy of SWIMPHOTO on Flickr By Serhat Pala Online marketing can sometimes be overlooked by companies that don’t traditionally rely on the internet for their business. Almost all businesses will have a website, but often it’s just put on the internet without a thought to advertising it or using it to actively bring in […]


Photo courtesy of Seattle Municipal Archives on Flickr By Rob Swystun Everyone knows (or should know) that Yelp can be a business’ best friend or its worst enemy. It all depends on the reviews a business gets. But it’s not really fair to say that about Yelp, because it’s just a tool people use. Whether […]

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