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Photo courtesy of Roger Norton on Flickr With Twitter releasing its six-second Vine video platform and now supporting GIFs in tweets, it’s clear that our attention spans are continuing to shrink and as a marketer you need to catch that coveted attention however you can. Fortunately, you can still get a pretty effective message across […]


[Photo courtesy of Agu on Flickr] Some of our clients go to conferences and expos and other events where it’s a good idea to live tweet from. And, recently, one of those clients asked exactly how this whole live tweeting thing is done. (Technically, he just asked how to tweet, but it was for the […]


Photo courtesy of Peter Rukavina on Flickr Recently, CoSchedule had a look at the million plus headlines in its database to find out what type of headlines received the most shares. Here is what the company found works best for writing headlines: 1. Give your headlines a human element From those millions of headlines, CoSchedule […]

Photo courtesy of Alan Reeves on Flickr [View the story “Social Media Strategies Summit Highlights” on Storify]

Photo courtesy of Rosaura Ochoa on Flickr By Rob Swystun You want people to be talking about your brand on social media, obviously. And one way you can get people to share your stuff is by tapping into that most human of all traits: ego. Everyone loves to see their name mentioned and will reflexively […]


Photo courtesy of Eli Christman on Flickr By Serhat Pala With every new year comes a landslide of predictions about the year ahead (after all the ‘best of’ lists from the outgoing year have been taken care of). We here at RhinoForce like a little bit of tradition, so with that in mind, here are […]


Illustration courtesy of Pete Simon on Flickr By Rob Swystun While the concept of Twitter is relatively easy — tweet out links ad nauseum — there are a few tips to remember to ensure people see those links (and maybe even click on them) or retweet your stuff. Considering that Twitter usage increased by 40% […]


Photo courtesy of Jason A. Howie on Flickr By Rob Swystun Although Twitter and Facebook and their ilk have been influencing consumers and voters for years, investors have proven to be slower adopters of social media. But that’s changing. According to the Brunswick Group’s survey: Trends in the use of Digital & Social Media by […]

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