WYSIWYG ( pronounced: wiz-e-wig)

(What You See Is What You Get)

In today’s business arena, having a website is non-optional. But that’s not the end of the process. It’s also not enough for the site to look great; it must be functional, efficient and effective. You want those who come to your site to be able to easily locate what they came to find. And of course, you want to engage them so they will buy your product or service. It’s called Usability, and that’s where we can help.

Usability Optimization starts with a thorough understanding your business—It includes your website, but also includes your social media marketing efforts (e.g., Facebook page, Twitter, etc.), smart phone applications and games, e-mail marketing campaigns and much more.


RhinoForce’s creative team looks at design from the Outside – In. Our goal is for your customer’s to have the Best possible Experience when they visit your site.

We’ll conduct tests to measure the effectiveness of each aspect of your marketing. For example, we would determine how easy it is for those who visit your website to do important tasks such as purchase your products/services, move around the site, find needed information or correctly fill out a form (e.g., subscription or registration). We will look for weakness in design or lack of clarity in content that might confuse an online visitor.

Our optimization services grow out of our experience in design and our extensive experience in usability testing. Our team will gather and decipher huge amounts of data that can help you understand the impact of your online presence, the behavior of your customers, your employees, your competition, etc. We will then provide you with realistic, tangible and understandable information based on this data. Our primary goal is to show you the effectiveness of what you are currently doing, as well as specific recommendations for improvements. We take your marketing efforts and make them user-friendly!

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