Video Content Marketing

Shopping Engine Feed Management
There are hundreds of shopping engines, but only a dozen important ones like Shopzilla, Nextag, Pricegrabber, Amazon and Google shopping. For the average business person, it can be a daunting task to manage the feeds for all those engines—making sure money is not wasted on ineffective ads and concentrating (or even knowing) on the engines producing the best results. RhinoForce is able to manage this task, providing you with a set-up budget and one report showing the results of your campaign—what you’ve spent and how the ads are performing.

Video and Audio Search
The Internet is more than text, written content or even pictures. With the affordability of high speed and broadband connections, it’s quickly becoming the primary resource for audio, video and multimedia files. In fact, this kind of content is so popular, specialized engines have been created to search, index and catalog multimedia files. We have a variety of specialized services that will help you see the rewards of these mediums, including:

  • Podcast creation
  • Video digitization and editing
  • iTunes optimization
  • Syndication of your audio/video files
  • Audio/Video ad insertion and distribution

RhinoForce will assist you in utilizing these forms of media to maximize your online exposure, reach your marketing goals, build your brand and increase your website traffic.

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