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Our Targeted Video Advertising lets you:

  • Have your videos shown in a SPECIFIC GEOGRAPHICAL AREA.

  • Have them shown to people with SPECIFIC INTERESTS.

  • Have them shown to people in a SPECIFIC AGE RANGE.

  • Teach your viewers something, meaning they associate your video with LEARNING RATHER THAN ADVERTISING

  • Sell to your viewers without really selling, and BUILD TRUST with them even before they call you or walk into your store.


RhinoForce will help your business design a customized video marketing program. Your professionally shot video will be the centerpiece of a program designed to draw in customers via offers, coupons, online lead generation forms and announcements.

phoebeWe’ve teamed up with LIVE FIT FILMS to produce your professionally shot Video News Story about your brand. Unlike an ad, viewers are convinced they want the product or service even before they fill out a form, make a call, or walk into your store or office. Live Fit Films’ PHOEBE CHONGCHUA has 20 years of experience as a TV newscaster and the company’s film crew and editing team are excellent at what they do.

Live Fit Films designs and shoots each video to resemble a newscast, giving it an air of authority and objectivity that you don’t get from a commercial. Unlike an ad, viewers are sold on the product or service even before they fill out a form, make a call or walk into your store.

Examples of How Targeted Videos Can Help Your Business

Use your brand’s established reputation and interesting stories from its past or your employees’ pasts with the company as an introduction to your services:

Use an example of your work that you’re particularly proud of to showcase your company’s service:

Give an in-depth explanation of how your company’s product can make the lives of potential customers better:

Make an informational video that teaches potential customers something and shows your expertise in your field:

Real Estate

Real estate is all about location, location, location. Wouldn’t it be great to dominate the market in your geographical location?

With our Targeted Video Advertising Program, you can do just that. Have your video shown to people within your geographical area. People are interested in businesses near them. If you target your video to locals, you stand a better chance of drawing them into your business.


Maybe you own a renovating company. You can target your videos at people who have been reading about renovations and searching for renovation-related content. Since these people have already expressed an interest in home renovations, there is a better chance that they will be interested in your video.


Let’s say you’re a dentist who specializes in pediatric dental care.

You can arrange for your video to be shown to people aged 25-45. Since this is the age range where people are most likely to have small children, there is a greater chance that you will be placing your video in front of people with small children.


Insurance can be confusing for a lot of people. If you are an insurance company and you can clarify something about insurance for people and teach them something about your industry, they’ll associate your company with learning. This gains you trust with potential customers and makes them want to interact with you more.

What kind of video should you make?

Your video should be informational in nature. Don’t think of it as an ad, think of it as a service that you’re doing for your potential customers.

Using the pediatric dentist example again, that dentist office would make a video about how to teach children to brush their teeth or what you need to know about nutrition and oral care.

The important thing to remember is to try to make the video informational in nature rather than thinking about it as a commercial. The video should leave the viewer feeling like they’ve learned something and have been helped in some way.

A professional-looking video that enriches the viewer’s life is the most effective and targeted form of advertising you can do. Find out today what video marketing can do for your business.

How it’s done

Google tracks its users across the internet, making profiles for everyone based on their searches and the websites they visit. This gives Google an accurate depiction of users’ interests and needs.

With this information, Google can put ads in front of people that correlate with what they’ve been searching for and reading about recently. This means your videos get shown only to people who want to see them and people who are most likely to act.

Your videos, coupled with the targeted program extras that come with them is guaranteed to draw in more customers.

To learn more about RhinoForce’s Targeted Video Advertising Program and see how it can help your business, please fill out the form and let us start helping you to grow your business.