RhinoForce Uses WOMO to Increase Client’s Online Presence

BakersBodega, a Los Angeles-based baking supply warehouse store, had a minor online presence with an ignored website, a defunct blog, a moribund Facebook page and a taciturn Twitter account.
Logo for Yelp While the company did have a steady customer base who loved shopping in the store, it was not adept at bringing in new customers.

Together, the RhinoForce team and BakersBodega decided it was imperative to get people talking about the baking supply store. People needed a reason to say the name BakersBodega and tell others about it.

The Campaign Goal

  • Create word-of-mouth and engage loyal customers and turn them into brand ambassadors
  • Facilitate brand exposure to loyal customers’ social circles via their social media accounts

The Campaign Tools

  • The BakersBodega blog
  • The BakersBodega Facebook page
  • The BakersBodega Twitter account
  • The BakersBodega Halloween Cupcake Contest
  • Contest entrants’ own social media accounts

How we did it

  • We restarted the blog to act as a conversation starter among customers
  • We used the Facebook and Twitter accounts to connect with potential new customers and disseminate blog posts
  • We held a Halloween cupcake decorating contest that relied on customers’ ability to promote their own cupcakes for the purpose of gaining Facebook “likes”
  • We encouraged contest participants to promote their own entries, promoting BakersBodega in the process.

We agreed that the best way to get people not just talking about BakersBodega, but actually telling other people about it, was to have them promote the store while promoting something of their own creation.

Step #1 – Determine personality of blog

Many blogs have no real “identity” and thus are stale and boring. In order for a blog to be engaging, an author’s personality must shine through. For this, we created a BakersBodega personality in the form of ‘Beto the Baker’ who appears in the BakersBodega logo.

With careful consideration of who would mainly be reading the blog (baking hobbyists) and what type of content and personality they would most appreciate, we decided Beto’s personality would be frivolous and fun and the main content of the blog would be BakersBodega news (events, contests, photos) and cake decorating tutorials.

We also left it open to the possibility of doing some more serious entries like interviews with baking industry experts and inviting some guest bloggers to contribute.

The RhinoForce team and BakersBodega team agreed that this type of light-hearted personality would best serve the loyal BakersBodega fan base and help recruit new fans, too.

With the blog’s personality set, it was restarted with an eye to giving customers what they would most likely want in a baking blog.

Step #2 – Disseminating blog posts via social media and identifying potential new customers

We knew that to get the restarted blog out to customers, we would have to use social media. First, we identified as many potential BakersBodega fans and baking industry influencers as we could find on Twitter and followed them, causing many of them to follow BakersBodega in return.

Once we had increased followers, we started posting the BakersBodega blog posts on both the Facebook page and to the company’s Twitter account, making sure to utilize hash tags when doing so.

Step #3 – The BakersBodega Halloween Cupcake ContestFB Teaser

Together, the RhinoForce and BakersBodega teams decided that if customers were going to be relied on to promote the brand, it would be a good idea to have them promote something of their own creation. We needed something that would motivate them to do that.

After a few different ideas were kicked around, the teams concluded that a cupcake decorating contest where the winners are based on the amount of Facebook likes they receive would be best. This would motivate customers to promote their cupcake designs, promoting BakersBodega at the same time.

With Halloween approaching, a Halloween contest was both relevant and timely, as well as being fun for contestants. We wanted something that would really let their creativity shine through.

The contest was simple. Customers sent in photos of their recently decorated cupcakes to a designated email address. Someone from the RhinoForce team then uploaded the photos at a predetermined time each day. Contest entrants were then free to promote their cupcake photos as they saw fit. At the end of the contest, Facebook likes were counted and the winners determined. It ran from Sept. 27 until Oct. 23, 2013 and was open to all US residents.

In their bid to win the contest, the store’s customers told their Facebook friends about the contest and asked them to vote for them. They tagged their friends in their cupcake photos, tweeted to their Twitter followers to vote for them, and one contestant even allegedly organized her own raffle in her bakery to garner likes by giving away free cupcakes.

In the meantime, contest updates were posted to social media, as well as reminders for people to vote and tips on how best to promote contest photos. This was all done to support the contest and to encourage the contestants to continue with their promotion.

We also instructed the BakersBodega team to support the contest in store in the physical store with posters and by telling customers about it and encouraging them to enter.

The Results

  • A comparison of Facebook activity for the period Aug. 1 – Sept. 6 (Period A) compared to the period Sept. 7 – Oct. 14 (Period B). The start of the contest was Sept. 27.
  • BakersBodega had an increase of 336% in its new fans on Facebook and comments increased by over 1,300%.
  • Total likes on the BakersBodega Facebook page shot up to 3,774 in Period B from just 351 in Period A.
  • Unique people reached including non-fans of the page skyrocketed from just over 15,450 in Period A to nearly 90,700 in Period B and total impressions jumped from just over 59,300 to over 214,600.
  • Unique clicks on the BakersBodega Facebook page increased from 2,055 to 10,119 and total clicks increased from 8,473 to 39,894.
  • Fans sharing links to the BakersBodega Facebook page went from 14 in Period A to 344 in Period B and photo views rose by 727% between the two time periods.
  • As for the contest, it received 81 entries from about 40 different participants (not counting some entries that could not be posted because they contravened the contest rules). The contest received entries from as far away as New York.
  • The winners received 1,381 likes for first, 1,177 likes for second and 723 likes for third.


Together, the BakersBodega Halloween Cupcake Contest, the revamped blog, the increased social media activity and the in-store support from the BakersBodega employees all served to increase brand recognition in and around the Los Angeles area and across the USA.


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